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lilD's Word Eye Heard Entertainment Report 9-17

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Chris Brown’s Lawyers Got it Easy

Chris Brown Tour

Source: Live Nation / Live Nation

Chris Brown is wanted for questioning after kicking a chick off his tour bus. The chick didn’t wanna give up her cell phone, because they didn’t want any pics or videos. So she says she was forcibly thrown off the bus and her phone was broken. Here’s the thing: if you didn’t wanna give up the phone, why not just leave? The thirst was real; this lawsuit won’t be.


T.I. Needs to Make Up with Iggy Azalea

ASCAP's 2014 GRAMMY Nominee Brunch

Source: Tibrina Hobson / Contributor / Getty

T.I. basically said in an interview that he doesn’t wanna work with Iggy Azalea anymore, but he forgot to tell her before he told the world. Iggy is completely surprised by this, and so am I! Not that Iggy is dope, but T.I. just put out a new EP…..did you know…..? Umhm. He better call her and make up, because the checks gotta keep coming from somewhere.


Hazel E Thinks We Care

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Premiere Event

Source: Jesse Grant / Getty

Hazel E quit ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’ because, among other things, her man told her “baby you’re priceless.”

Okay so here’s the thing: you might be priceless, but that nose job Katt Williams paid for wasn’t. So who’s the new boyfriend? You need new lips or something?


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