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Natalie Pierre Williams had an argument with her husband. Hey, it happens. But what happened AFTER the argument, usually doesn’t. So Natalie and her husband were driving and arguing, then the car veered off into the woods and hit a tree. Natalie’s husband pulled her from the car, but then walked away because he was still mad from the argument. So after he cooled off, he came back to the car to find it was on fire….and Natalie was inside of it! So who set the car on fire and tried to burn up Natalie?? Welp, police watched surveillance, and saw Natalie buying a gallon of gasoline, a two-gallon gas container and a wand-style lighter, right before the fire! Yup, Natalie had an argument with her husband, then set her car, and herself, on fire! Talk about a heated argument!


What are some signs that the person you’re talking to just might be crazy?