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Source: iowa city police dpt / iowa city police dpt

I’m not sure why people still think it’s okay to drink and drive, but they still do it. Ross McDonald was so drunk, he was driving the wrong way down the road when police pulled him over. They said his speech was slurred, his balance was unsteady, and he couldn’t tell them what bar he was coming from. So they took him to the police station, where he initially refused a breathalyzer. But then apparently he had the sudden urge to pee, and when he came back, he was ready to take the breathalyzer. His boost of confidence came from his belief that he could now pass the test. See, Ross went into the bathroom and ate a bunch of toilet paper, thinking that would somehow absorb the liquor and make him sober up, so he could pass the test. Well he was wrong; he blew a .165, more than twice the legal limit. I know it’s toilet paper, but it doesn’t wipe away the past.


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