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Yoooo Katt Williams is wildin!! The comedian was in Philly this weekend at a Beanie Sigel show when he hurls across the side of the stage and sucker punches another rapper.

At first you can’t tell if he is just dancing, high on something or if he really is provoking someone. But then he starts swaying back and forth to the music with his fists up while Beanie continues to rap, ignoring Katt on the side of the stage.

Watch the entire video and see what happens after Katt goes flying across the stage punching a rapper who goes by the name “Boon”, according to our sources, with the Plastic Cup Boys.

Let’s just say it ends ugly with Katt on the floor.

Really Katt? get it together homie!

Shout out Beanie who has lost of lot of weight since recovering from gunshot wounds last year!