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Keyshia Cole…? No Surprise Here…

106 & Park LIVE

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Bow Wow tweeted that one of his exes drove by and egged what she thought was his car….but it was actually his homeboy’s Rolls Royce. Well Bow Wow’s alleged ex Keyshia Cole is denying this. Now we don’t know if Keyshia Cole really did this, but if she did, can we be shocked…? The chick who beat up a chick for being in her ex-boyfriend Birdman’s condo…? Yea.


Tyga Keeps it All in the Family

Republic Records Private Post-VMA Celebration

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Tyga said Tupac was a father figure to him, and that Rob is a great person to have around his son?? So a guy you never met is a great father, and your girlfriend’s big brother, who’s chopping down your baby mama, is a great person to be around y’all’s son…? Honey Tyga is either confused, or just WAY better than I am.


I’m Taking Katt Williams’ Side on This One…

Katt Williams Performs In Atlantic City

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So you know Katt Williams got arrested AGAIN last night, after threatening his bodyguard. Apparently, the bodyguard refused to ‘engage in criminal activity’ like Katt asked him to, so Katt had people jump him. Now Ima be honest; if it’s your job to guard bodies….you telling me you couldn’t guard your own..? Somebody gotta show me the footage on this one…