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What up, Cleveland?

My name is Matty Willz and I work as a producer and On Air Personality for Z107.9. Both myself and the homie DJ HazMatt (on-air personality, DJ, production manager for 93.1 WZAK) make up Matt and Matt Sports – and on behalf of Radio One-Cleveland we’ll be covering the Cavs championship run exclusively for Z107.9 and 93.1 WZAK (mostly through video/blog/social media).

Now that all that’s out the way. . .

After sitting through last night’s trashing of the Denver Nuggets, a game in which the Cavs twice had 20-point leads and LeBron notched his second triple-double of the year, I was shocked learning what the latest national buzz was all about surrounding our prized King James. While perusing the internet looking up stats for conversation I came across a headline: LeBron James Unfollows the Cavs on Twitter.

Next my social media comments started blowing up. Then my iMessages went HAM.

Wait, what? Why is this news? Who gives a damn about who one man follows on his social media? (LeBron has about 47 million followers on IG and Twitter, is he supposed to followback everybody?) Did Savannah catch her husband liking too many @Cavs pics in a row? Was something going down in the dms between Bron’Bron and a Cavs social media manager? I’m not insinuating, I’m just saying – who the hell cares who or what a person follows on Twitter?


Before I dive more into this lunacy that has become Cavaliers news – let me give you a quick recap of a few things that happened on the court with LeBron and the Cavs last night in the Q:

  • The team notched its 50th win of the season
  • Cleveland clinched the Central Division a full three weeks before the regular season ends
  • LeBron gets his second triple-double of the season, 41st of his career
  • Cavs shoot 55% from the field, 48% from 3 (those are really, really, really good numbers)
  • An obviously bored Tristan Thompson stacked Oreos on his head during a timeout
  • And oh – LeBron unfollowed the Cavs on Twitter

Something about that list just doesn’t fit, and I ain’t talking about no damn Oreos.

Here’s why LeBron unfollowing the Cavs is not a big deal – every season, in preparation for the playoffs, James goes on a social media blackout. He realizes the distractions it presents and he’s been known to encourage his teammates to do the same thing. Have you ever read the comments section on your favorite celebrity’s Twitter page? Granted, if LeBron unfollowed his teammates in addition to his employer then this story would have a different tone. If he posted “Eff you Cleveland I’m leaving. . . Again” then I wouldn’t be trying to convince you that this means nothing. But he didn’t.

Bottom line – I’m a born and raised Clevelander who’s witnessed too many heartbreaks from our sports teams to let irrelevant news such as this distract me from the wonderful time it is to be a Cavs fan. Our team is in first place in the Eastern Conference and own the third best overall record in the NBA. Just a season ago we held a 2-1 lead in the NBA Finals, yet we act like we haven’t been close to winning anything in decades. If you saw Bron’s face last night when a media member asked him about the supposed social media injustice LBJ committed you’d know exactly where he stands. After hearing the question Bron simply shot a look that said ‘why the hell are you asking me this’ and promptly replied – “Next question.”

The sad part is I’m used to the national media dissing Cleveland. I’m numb to it. It’s the local sports fans that urk me when they buy into the distractions bestowed upon us from the ESPNs and Bleacher Reports of the world. They need a story, but we don’t need to buy it.

Let’s just enjoy the ride, people. We have the most popular athlete in the world. You don’t think he wants to win that championship for us?

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LBJ Stops Following @Cavs – This is Why We Shouldn’t Care Who LeBron Follows on Twitter  was originally published on zhiphopcleveland.com

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