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First let’s start by stating that since Tupac’s untimely passing, his mother has made sure his name, music, and money has been guarded to the fullest extent. So it is no surprise that she made sure that continued even after her very own passing.

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According to TMZ

Afeni had set up a trust to control all of Tupac’s music rights, and a rep for his estate tells us the paperwork is flawless. She also named the perfect executor, Tom Whalley — former head of Warner Bros. Records — to handle Tupac’s valuable catalog.

We’re told the trust is very specific about heirs, and the money is going to select charities and family. Afeni is survived by her sister, Gloria, and a daughter, Sekyiwa Shakur … Tupac’s half sister.

Her estranged husband, Gust Davis, is not mentioned in the trust — so Tupac’s money and music will be virtually untouchable in that divorce.

It’s crazy because Afeni and Prince had same attorney, Howard King, that would handle their affairs after death. However, unlike Tupac whose legacy is secured, Prince got “long lost love children” popping up like daisy’s in the middle of the summer. Shows you how important it is to get your house in order before you go home.