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Y’all Mad at Beyonce for the Wrong Reason

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - April 27, 2016

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People are super angry that Beyonce’s Ivy Park clothes are produced in a sweatshop in Sri Lanka, where the workers only make about $6 a day! That’s actually legal, because that’s their minimum wage over there. That’s wack, but not against the law. My thing is, y’all mad at Beyonce because the workers are barely making money, but nobody is mad about the $40 tank top or $65 leggings??? Good damn night.


Juelz Santana Needs a Calendar

In Conversation With The Diplomats - The Making Of 'Diplomatic Immunity'

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Juelz Santana said he’s returning to music, and I think I know why. He just lost his condo to foreclosure. He allegedly hasn’t made a payment on it in 3 years! Well why is he just NOW trying to go back to music??? Apparently he wasn’t spending his mortgage money on a calendar, otherwise, he would’ve been on tour in 2013!


I Need a Plastic Surgeon

BET Hip Hop Awards 2013 - Welcome To Atlanta Party

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Lil Kim’s $3 million mansion is on the verge of going into foreclosure, because she hasn’t been making the payments. She’s been living there since 2002. Now I know she’s had like, 6 new faces since 2002.¬†You think she can get a refund on the faces she no longer has, and use that money to pay her mortgage…? I think it’s something to look into.


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