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Future is Keeping it Too Real


Source: Epic Records

Rocko is suing Future for playing him out of about $10 million. Future responds…by calling Rocko a lame on twitter.

So here’s the thing. Rocko is suing you because of business. You respond by calling him a ‘baby mama’ on twitter. Stop trying to “keep it real” and pay that man. Childish ass.


Rest in Peace…and Sex…?

Bobby Brown

Source: Paul Morigi / Contributor / Getty

Bobby Brown has a book coming out, and in it, he says Whitney Houston cheated on him with Tupac! Well Pac did smash Madonna too, so maybe it’s true. But who really wants to think about dead Tupac and dead Whitney having dead relations??? Ima skip that chapter in the book.


Justin Bieber Has no Friends

Diddy Hosts Deleon Tequila Launch Party At Vanquish

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

You seen Justin Bieber get his ass beat in Cleveland last night? I don’t know what started the fight, but I know it ended with Beibs on his back. Listen: he has no friends. If I’m getting my ass beat, I got 3 goons right now who’ll step in and break it up. He’s too rich to not buy some friends to do this.


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