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The House will resume this week after an exacerbated battle last month over gun control reform.

After the Democrats staged a sit-in that lasted over 24 hours to force a vote on gun control legislature, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) announced in late June he would bring forth a measure to bar terrorism suspects from purchasing a gun, USA Today reports.

Under the legislature, law enforcement would be permitted to delay a gun sale for three days – enough time to allow the Justice Department to make a case before a judge that the purchaser should not be allowed due to placement on the terrorist watch list, according to USA Today.

It also would include the creation of an office within the Department of Homeland Security that would organize anti-terrorism efforts, specifically targeting “radicalized Islamic terrorism,” language Ryan specified would be the first time included in the law.

Democrats have previously stated they would oppose the bill if brought to the House floor for a vote.

“Democrats will continue to push House Republicans to give the American people a vote on meaningful gun violence prevention measures that will save lives and protect our communities from terrorism,” Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi, (D-California), said Friday.

Rep. John Lewis, (D-Georgia), and Rep. John Larson, (D-Connecticut), two organizers of the sit-in, are asking to vote on two amendments; one would expand background checks to private gun sales, and the other would bar gun purchases to people on terrorist no-fly lists.

It is not clear whether Democrats will plan another protest if the measures they support are not called to a vote.

However, Speaker Ryan said he would not tolerate any further interruptions when the House is called back into session on Tuesday and sought out recommendations from the House parliamentarian and the Sergeant-at-Arms if a protest is staged.

USA Today reports that lawmakers can be thrown out if they disrupt sessions, but Speaker Ryan has not voiced any intention to do so.



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