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Ro Diggas Dogs

Meet Kelsee! 

Name: Kelsee

Age: 6

Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix

Here’s Kelsee! This sweet girl really just wants to sit by your side and receive affectionate pets from her human friends. She wants all your love and would like to be the only fur baby in the family. If you give her all of your attention and treats, she will give you equal amounts of love and loyalty back!

Also meet Flower!

Ro Diggas Dogs


Name: Flower

Ages: 6

Breed: Shepherd Mix

Here’s Flower, a 6 year old Shepherd mix. Flower loves to go for walks and car rides. She likes to run around and has a lot of energy. She likes children and had a feline friend in her last house. Flower’s looking for a family with a lot of energy to keep up with her peppy personality!

Both dogs are looking for a loving home and can be adopted TODAY.

Contact the Cleveland Animal Protective League to get your adoption process started.

Cleveland Animal Protective League

1729 Willey Avenue

Cleveland,  OH  44113



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