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Good news if you make minimum wage and live in Ohio you’re getting a raise!  Not so great news…. it’s only five cent.  Yea you read right Ohio minimum wage is going up by five cent and that adds up to an extra two dollars on a forty hour work week.

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Several other states are getting increases making Ohio look kinda bad.  For example Arizona is getting a 24% increase bringing their wage up to ten dollars per hour.  But please keep in mind that the cost of living in Ohio is great compared to states like California that bring in at least a ten dollar minimum wage depending upon the size of the business.

Here is a break down of minim wages increases state by state according to CNN:

Alaska – $9.80

Arizona – $10.00

Arkansas – $8.50

California – $10.00 for small employers; 10.50 for large employers

Colorado – $9.30

Connecticut – $10.10

Florida – $8.10

Hawaii – $9.25

Maine – $9.00

Maryland – $9.25 (as of July)

Massachusetts – $11.00

Michigan – $8.90

Missouri – $7.70

Montana – $8.15

New Jersey – $8.44

New York – Varies across state from $9.70 to $11 (as of 12/31/16)*

Ohio – $8.15

Oregon – $10.25 (as of July)

South Dakota – $8.65

Vermont – $10.00

Washington – $11.00

*The basic minimum wage is $9.70 in most of the state. But it’s higher for the fast food industry; Long Island; Westchester County; and large and small employers in New York City.