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J.Lo Might be Delusional…

2015 American Music Awards - Roaming Show

Source: Jeff Kravitz/AMA2015 / Getty

Sources are saying that Jennifer Lopez is trying to build a serious relationship with Drake, but he has to do something first: cut all ties with Rihanna. So I’m not sure if J.Lo believes she has the same heroin in her pants as Erykah Badu and Rihanna, but she might wanna re-evaluate this ultimatum. I feel you for trying, girl, but you gotta be realistic. Hell, I would cheat on you with Rihanna.

See what Rihanna has to say about it here.

Plies…DUI…? Duh

Hot 1079 Birthday Bash

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Plies started off my birthday better than I did; he was lit! His mistake was getting lit, then driving. He got arrested for a DUI around 2:30 am, but he’s already out on bond and back on Instagram. I mean, if you follow Plies on IG, he makes most of his videos from his car. You have to know he’s under the influence of something; how else is he coming up with this content??

See that terrible mugshot here.

Mike Tyson…Where’s Breezy…?

Chris Brown In Concert - Wantagh, NY

Source: Noam Galai / Getty

Mike Tyson has released the full video for his Soulja Boy diss, and it’s hilarious!

Remember he said the full version would have Chris Brown in it…? Well uh……I didn’t hear him sing one note. Hell, Mike is only in the video for all of 5 seconds. I don’t care; still funniest thing on the internet today.


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