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The Kardashian-West’s have been through quite a bit over the last few months and according to source who spoke to RadarOnline, it’s seriously affecting their sex life.

“Kim is not having sex with Kanye right now and he is constantly complaining about how she is never affectionate with him,” a source close to the 36-year-old told Radar exclusively.

Let this source tell it, appears that the stress has severely affected the couple’s affection and the mood just isn’t right.

“Kim blames her lack of affection on the robbery,” said the insider. “When Kanye questions why she doesn’t want to sleep with him anymore, she tells him that it is his fault that he does not try!” But according to the source, it seems like she is the one who’s not interested.

“It seemed to some in her inner circle that Kim wanted Kanye for what he could do for her career,” said the source. “And now she treats him like crap.”

“It almost seems like she thinks that it does not matter what she does, because he will stick by her no matter what!”

Hard to say for sure if this source has any credibility, but we will say this. It DOES stand to reason that Kim would leave Kanye LONG before Kanye would leave Kim.

For their sake, and the sake of their children, hopefully they get their marriage on track and get back to headboard bangin’.

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