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Migos Owe Donald Glover Some Money

Artist Profile Migos

Source: iOne / iOne

Congratulations are in order for the Migos! They scored their first number 1 album with “Culture.” It all started with “Bad and Boujee,” and it really took off after Donald Glover shouted them out at the Golden Globes. Hmm…sounds to me like they owe Mr. Glover a check.

See exactly how many albums they sold, here.

Soulja Boy Needs New Music

Soulja Boy

Source: ATL Pics / ATL Pics

Soulja Boy must’ve finally realized we don’t care about the fight with Chris Brown anymore, because he’s on to the next publicity stunt. Now he’s saying he has a baby on the way, and even posted an ultrasound.

Here’s the thing: first, he’s said this twice before and there was no baby. And second, even the dumbest girl…would have to be even dumber to let you squirt. Just drop a mixtape, fam.

You can see what he said about his alleged fetus, here.

I’ll Stand by T.I.

'Turn It' Music Video Shoot

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

So T.I. was at the Big Game with a lovely lady at his side, and people were trying to say she was his side chick. Well she’s actually over marketing for the NFL. So then T.I. took a picture with another female and posted on Instagram saying, “watch where [you] stand [be]cause anybody standing next to me ends up being my side piece…” Well call me what you want, but I’ll stand by T.I. He so fine.

See more pics here.

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