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lilD has the tea, weeknights at 8 pm, 9 pm, and 10 pm inside the Word Eye Heard Entertainment Report! Here’s what’s happening:

Kanye West Needs a Nap

On the Set of Common's 'Go' Music Video

Source: Beth Keiser / Getty

So Kanye West is apparently back in the studio, and the first thing we get to hear is a 17-minute remake of J Holiday’s song “Bed,” that came out like 10 years ago. The original song was around 3 minutes, by the way.

So for 17 minutes, Kanye must’ve been spitting flames, right…? Naw cuh. His voice is nowhere on the track. Ya know, “Bed” is pretty appropriate for Kanye to have remade: he clearly needs to take a nap and try again.

Eat with 2 Chainz at Your Own Risk…


Source: Tee / gifsoup

2 Chainz opened a restaurant in Atlanta, but failed the health inspection due to “cross contamination of raw meat, mold in the ice machine and inadequate refrigerator temperatures.” How your ice machine get mold in it?? Now he did what he had to do and he passed his next health inspection, but…if you had mold in the ice machine, I wouldn’t even wanna use the bathroom there. See what 2 Chainz had to say about his inspection, here.

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