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According to baller alert a source is saying that Tristan Thompson has been juggling Khloe and Jordy(baby mama). They’re saying that Khloe is worried that he’s still seeing her.

Jordan and Tristan Thompson share a newborn son, Prince Thompson, who was born in December 2016. Tristan and Khloe have been dating since September 2016, reportedly after meeting at a wedding. According to Star Magazine, sources say Tristan never completely ended things with Jordy.

“Tristan has been juggling Khloe and Jordy the whole time,” a source tells Star.

At first Khloe had no idea, but apparently, after Tristan sent her and Jordy the same flowers on Valentine’s Day, it became more obvious.

“More than once, Khloe caught Tristan texting or talking quietly on the phone but when she asked who it was, he’d say a friend or teammate,” says the source.

“Now if Khloe catches him red-handed – like if she hears Jordy’s voice on the phone – Tristan will say they’re talking about Prince.”

It’s hard to say how true these rumors are, as Khloe and Tristan recently took a vacay together and still flirt with each other on social media. It seems for now, Khlo is sticking by Tristan.

“She feels betrayed but doesn’t know how to wiggle out of the relationship without humiliating herself,” says the source.


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