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Do you recall the shooting of 40 yr old Terrance Crutcher? The officer that shot and killed unarmed Crutcher is getting her job back. She was charged with manslaughter and acquitted 8 months later.

In September of 2016, Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby shot and killed Crutcher, after she claimed she feared for her life. If you recall, officials responded to a call about an SUV blocking traffic. The caller told officials that there was a guy near the vehicle and assumed the man was on drugs. When officials arrived, they claimed Crutcher kept reaching into his pockets, refusing to cooperate with authority’s commands. The incident was caught on tape with audio, which in turn refuted Shelby’s claims, showing Crutcher trying to walk away from the officer with his hands above his head.

She was charged with manslaughter in the shooting and acquitted eight months later.

At the time, Shelby was placed on unpaid leave, however, it appears the officer will receive back pay after being found not guilty in the crime. On Tuesday, a spokesperson for the police department revealed Shelby will be receiving over $35,000 before taxes and other deductions.

Although Shelby will be allowed to return to work, her lawyer said that she is unsure if Shelby would even want to return to the Tulsa Police Department, as it would be dangerous for her to patrol the streets again.

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