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Friday, Migos were headed to Iowa for a show, but got kicked off the plane first!

Flight attendants asked Takeoff to place his bag into an overhead bin, but their manager says he didn’t hear her and didn’t respond because he was sleep. So the captain decided to kick them off the flight.

According to TMZ, the group boarded the plane and took their seats in first class, just before falling asleep after an exhausting day of work. As the flight crew prepared for take-off, a flight attendant noticed a bag, which reportedly belonged to Takeoff, was still on the floor instead of stowed away in the overhead compartment. The flight attendant then asked the rapper to put the bag away, but he didn’t comply. However, according to the group’s manager, it was because the rapper was asleep.

The manager told TMZ that Takeoff’s bag remained on the floor as the plane taxied but instead of taking off, the pilot decided to return to the gate to give the rapper the boot.  In turn, the Migos and their manager accused the flight crew of racial profiling and threatened to sue.

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