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Meek Mill a Thug…? Nah


Source: Marcus Ingram / Getty

Meek Mill is calling BS on a lawsuit filed against him, after 2 people were shot and killed at one of his concerts. The lawsuit said Meek’s “thug fans” were influenced by Meek’s violent lyrics. See, that’s how I know this lawsuit is BS. I would assume to be a “thug fan,” one would have to be a fan of a thug. And Meek got bodied by a singing ninja, soooo…yea.

See who else is named in the lawsuit, here.

Kim K Got a Hell of a Tan

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - February 16, 2017

Source: Pierre Suu / Getty

Why does Kim Kardashian keep doing this to herself…she posed with North West forĀ Interview Magazine…as First Lady Jackie Kennedy. First off, Kim and North are the same color. Kim has never been that tan! One minute, Kim is telling us to “get over” racist people being racist. And now, she looks like she has some black in her, other than her husband. Girl bye.

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Remy Ma Needs a New Album

The Build Series Presents Remy Ma And Fat Joe Discussing Their New Album 'Plata o Plomo'

Source: Mike Pont / Getty

Remy Ma can’t keep Nicki Minaj’s name out her mouth, and its starting to become pathetic. At the VMA’s, she was hosting backstage and threw it to commercial, but not before saying “Nicki what’s good?”

Girl. Remy. If you’re gonna keep throwing irrelevant jabs at Nicki, at least let Papoose ghostwrite them.

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