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So after Donald Trump disrespected the NFL league, players and their mothers. NFL players still decided to protect despite POTUS threats to have them fired it suspended. But now rapper J Cole feels thats it time we all get involved and play our parts.. check out these series of tweets on how he feels us boycotting the NFL will help to gain answers.

J. Cole urged the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) to look further into Kaepernick’s resulting unemployment, and to “compensate the man for his losses” if they find he was denied a job unfairly.

He also had another plan up his sleeve should his proposed boycott fall through — go after the NFL’s sponsors to hit them where it hurts.

“Black people spend a lot of money with NFL corporate sponsors. White people who don’t f-k with white supremacy spend a lot of money too,” he wrote. “Pick one of the biggest ones and say, ‘Do you agree with black balling players when they speak out against oppression? If not, why are you spending all this money with a league that clearly condones that? You know what, I don’t think I can spend my money with you no more until you fix this.”

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