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One of the many things, that people have in common is leg cramps. I will never forget having these, especially when i was pregnant. So he are some of the causes of legs cramps, and how to stop them

Two caucasian athletes warming up on treadmill in gym

Source: Drazen Lovric / Getty

  • Dehydration, Drink more fluids water, gatorade etc
  • Pregnancy, Overuse, Exercise Intensity,Mineral Deficiency, Sports drinks can help reduce cramps thanks to their sodium, as can eating wisely. Bananas, sweet potatoes, spinach, yogurt, and nuts are rich in those muscle-friendly minerals and may ward off the deficiencies that could cause leg cramps.
  • Medications,  Talk to your doctor if you started taking a new medication at the onset of your leg cramps;
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Multiple sclerosis, Left untreated, spasticity can cause frozen or immobilized joints, so talk to your doctor if you have symptoms of MS.
  • Osteoarthritis,  the most common type of arthritis, is usually categorized by stiff and achy joints, talk to your doctor

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