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The last of the “good-ole-boy” racing fans feeling butt hurt with black excellence.

America has our very own Lewis Hamilton in stock car racing. Darrell Bubba Wallace will be the first African American to race full-time in NASCAR since Wendell Scott in 1971.

Participating in a sport know for hanging Confederate flags around its venue can be pretty daunting. What has pissed some white people is the fact he will be riding for racing hero Richard Petty’s #43 car.

Feeling the hate, Wallace took to his Twitter account to tell his haters to get used to seeing him making history.

It hasn’t been sour grapes for Wallace. NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon praised the driver and told TMZ it is important the racing league practice more diversity.

We wish Bubba Wallace the very best and can’t wait to see him in victory lane!


Source: USA Today

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