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Rapper Killer Mike Stumps For Bernie Sanders In South Carolina

Source: Sean Rayford / Getty

Killer Mike who has long been preaching to African Americans about what they did to do to become successful under the hand of white supremacy in America, took to social media with another message of independence for Black America: Stop Complaining!

“Black America, I love ya’ll but ya’ll gotta cut this sh*t out,” the lyricist said at the start of his sermon. “‘The government won’t feed us,’ but you won’t learn how to grow food. ‘Our neighborhoods and communities are rampant with crime,’ but you support Black businesses that support Black kids. You won’t patrol your own neighborhoods,” He continued making examples of the lack of action that’s being taken in place of complaining about an already corrupt and unjust system.

“If you are independent as you claim to be as an American citizen do sh*t independent people do. Go your ass outside, grow some food, learn how to slaughter an animal, learn how to do something besides sit on the Internet and back agendas that are given to you by political parties.”

Watch the video above to hear Killer Mike’s entire point. Do you agree with his position on the topic or do you find it to be a slippery slope? Considering Black America has built and established things on its own (i.e., Black Wall Street) that was ultimately destroyed by white supremacy?

Source: Vladtv