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Hes not only getting ejected out of basketball games but he is making his mark in the entertainment world. One Time for King James whois going to have a doc-series about him starting  his first public school, in Akron, Oh for troubled kids. this is wonderful that a man like him with that big platform is giving back. this is what he had to say about it.

The aim is to explore the challenges, triumphs and life changing impact of the LeBron James Family Foundation’s “I Promise School” campaign aimed at keeping inner city students from falling through the cracks. The series will cover the first year and highlight the teachers, mentors and community partners as they tailor a curriculum and environment designed to give the kids a fighting chance.

Being able to create this school to specifically meet the needs of these kids and their families means everything to me. There are so many kids and families struggling and we want this school to be a safe, positive place that helps them stay on the right track to earning their educations. Having SpringHill Entertainment and an amazing filmmaker like Morgan Spurlock here to document this process is huge. We believe we’re changing the mold with the I Promise School, and we’re excited to have that story be told by people who understand the importance of what we’re trying to accomplish.

#KeepWinning Lebron James !!!

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