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Last week, comedian Mo’Nique posted an Instagram video calling for the boycott of Netflix. Her reason behind the boycott is race and gender bias, which she believes the industry-changing streaming service exhibits.

In her post, she claims that Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock were offered $20 million for their specials, while Amy Schumer was offered $11 million (which she renegotiated to $13 million), and Mo’Nique herself was offered $500,000. Wanda Sykes got behind Mo’Nique, stating ” @netflix offered me less than half of your $500k. I was offended but found another home,” on Twitter.

LaLaSizaHands, a social media star that rose to fame through Vine, recently released a video mocking Mo’Nique, and calling for a boycott of her own. She opens her video with the same “Hey my loves,” that Mo’Nique uses, and continues to satirically imitate the comedian.

LaLaSizaHands’ mockingly states,I’m asking that you stand with me, and boycott Sallie Mae, for debt collection and messing up my credit.” She continues by explaining a situation where she took out $80,000 in loans, and so did her peers. The only difference is, her peers were able to find jobs in their field, but she wasn’t. Now, she wants her money back.

The joke is a jab at how Mo’Nique’s boycott may sound selfish and unreasonable because she doesn’t have the same accolades as Chappelle or Rock. Mo’Nique’s post currently has about 5,112 views, while LaLa’s parody now has just over 5,112 views