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The black sitcom – a staple in many a black households growing up – is in a bit of a slump. No shade to shows like Black-ish and . . . well, no shade to Black-ish (Grown-ish should get some honorable mention), but the Martin’s and Living Single’s and Jamie Foxx Show’s etc, etc are just gone.

Insert UPSTAIRS, the Cleveland based web-series that you can watch (from ANYWHERE) on YouTube to fill the void. UPSTAIRS covers all the regular sitcom bases, following “the folly of four lifelong friends as they try to navigate the life and love without a compass.” It’s a fun, lighthearted series that follows true sitcom rules, including it’s catchy theme song and story-progressing transitions.

The show stars Robert Hunter, Ananias Dixon, Ashley Aquilla and Heather Rich. It’s written by Johnathon L. Jackson and is directed by Jackson and Ananias Dixon.

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