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The weekend almost belonged to Blue Ivy Carter. The eldest daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce had the viral clip of the day yesterday when it came out that the Carter golden child almost bid on a $19,000 painting. But who was Blue in a bidding war with? Tyler Perry.

Apparently Perry wanted a painting of actor/activist Sidney Poitier. So did Blue Ivy. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host asked Perry about his involvement in the viral clip and sure enough, he got competitive with a six-year-old. “I’m gonna teach you a lesson today,” he joked. As the number continued to climb, he wondered whether or not he would be known for overpaying for a painting due to a kid or losing to the youngest person ever chart on the Billboard chart.

In the end, Perry won out. “You can’t get everything you want, little girl,” he says but also noted that had Blue kept going, he would have had to bow down to the future Queen.

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See the painting the two were bidding on below!


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