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So if its not one things its another, and this time around its dealing with our food yet again.

Federal health officials warn you not to eat any romaine lettuce unless you know where it’s from, as the E. coli outbreak spreads across the country. The CDC advisory now includes whole heads and hearts of romaine lettuce, along with chopped and bagged romaine and salad mixes that include romaine.

While the government believes that the lettuce is from the Yuma, Arizona region, it doesn’t know specifically who grew, supplied or distributed the contaminated vegetables.

The CDC says that it can take an average of three to four days after coming into contact with E. coli for people to start feeling symptoms.


After four days in the hospital, Zlupko says doctors told her she might be suffering from an autoimmune disease. But just as she was heading home, “all the doctors came in and it was kind of like a big surprise, like, ‘It’s E. coli.'”

SMH, be cautious of the lettuce you are eating


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