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Future NBA Hall Of Famer Chris Bosh and his mother Frieda Bosh have been feuding for quite some time now. Bosh reportedly tried to have his mother evicted from her DeSoto, Texas home in October of 2017. According to reports, she’s now suing her son after she claims he “broke his promise to always take care of her.”

According to a report from The New York Post, Frieda says that in 2005 her son had her sign papers in regards to the deed of the house. She claims that she believed the papers were about the divorce from her husband and Bosh’s father, Noel, which is why she signed them.

According to her, that in return for signing the papers, Bosh promised to provide for her for the rest of her life.

Frieda claims that in August 2017, she discovered she was no longer the owner of her home and alleges that the document she signed in 2005 was manipulated to give ownership of the home solely to Bosh.

The exact amount she is seeking in damages was not disclosed. Bosh reportedly denies all allegations and is requesting the case be thrown out.

Bosh played twelve NBA seasons in his illustrious career, making 11 All-Star teams. He was also a two time NBA champion with the Miami Heat.


Source: The Root