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PNC JUST HOOKED UP CENTRAL OHIO ARTS ORGANIZATIONS TODAY BY DONATING $250K!!! WHAT SOME DON’T KNOW IS THAT PNC HAS DONATED $250K FOR 9 CONSECUTIVE YEARS. PNC SPOKESPERSON CRAIG FRIEDMAN SAID” that the 2018 grant recipients cover a wide range of disciplines, audiences and participatory experiences from art groups of all sizes.Friedman said Columbus Children’s Theatre, Glass Axis and Thurber House are receiving grants for the first time.” SO JUST KNOW PNC IS MORE THAN JUST A BANK THEY ARE OUT HERE MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN COLUMBUS OHIO!!! VIA ABC 6 NEWS ……..“We believe that a thriving arts community brings significant value to our economy and to all of us who live, work and play in central Ohio,” said Michael Gonsiorowski, PNC regional president for Columbus. “The programs we are able to fund through PNC Arts Alive strengthen our visual and performing arts community and create unique experiences that reach hundreds of thousands of people. We are excited about this year’s grant recipients and the new opportunities that will be created by their programs.”

The program first launched in 2010 and has provided 90 grants to local, non-profit arts groups. Friedman said the $3 million effort will continue through at least 2020.