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This has been happening all over the country and now it’s happened right here in our city, #WhileBlack this hastag was created after numerous African Americans across the country had the police called on them for well…….doing nothing at all. While delivering papers in Upper Arlington Brandie Sharp and her sons, 17-year-old Mycah and 11-year-old Uriah had the police called on them. The caller who called the police said that they seen a few people delivering newspapers but said they seen the people walk up to houses without papers and then leaving with something in their hands and the police responded and question Brandie and her sons. Via fox news …

“We had delivered to the wrong houses,” said mom, “so he went to go grab the newspapers to make sure everything was okay.”

Then, a police officer showed up, and asked what they were doing.

“I showed him the thing for the Dispatch, The Bag, the midday week paper, that we get,” she said, “and he said ‘Oh, really?’ and by that time I was kind of like, ‘Okay, why are you questioning me about this?'”

Someone had called Upper Arlington police.

“It looked like at first they were delivering newspapers or something, but I noticed they were walking up to the houses with nothing in hand and one of them came back with something,” said the caller to Upper Arlington Police, “I mean, I don’t want to say something was going on, but it just but it just seemed kind of suspicious.”

“What was suspicious at 5:30 in the evening? What was this big, you know, reasoning that you had to call the police?” said Sharp.

She felt she had to share what happened in a post that is now being commented on and shared hundreds of times.

“Something as simple as delivering papers and it turns out to be I have to be racially profiled?” she said.

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