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This is the kind of story that’ll make nonbelievers stand up and declare their faith in God!

Imagine being a kid again. Your parents let your friends come over to play and you guys are all hanging out in your backyard, when you decide to hit up the treehouse. While most kids would then settle into a game of cops and robbers and the like, one Missouri “miracle” boy’s day of fun ended very differently earlier this month.

In an almost fatal accident, 10-year-old Xavier Cunningham was playing in his backyard with friends when a swarm of wasps attacked them, causing Xavier to fall face-first out of his treehouse. What’s more, his face crashed right into a metal rotisserie skewer the boys “had found and staked into the ground to avoid stepping on it,” NBC reports. The boy’s father told the site, “He was more concerned with the yellow jackets than the skewer.” From NBC:

“The skewer drove through Xavier’s face, all the way to the back of his head. He then ran inside to his mother, who immediately brought him to the hospital. Xavier eventually ended up at the University of Kansas Hospital, where Dr. Koji Ebersole assessed the path of the skewer, which somehow circumvented Xavier’s eyes, brain, and major blood vessels.” In a Youtube video posted about the incident, Dr. Ebersole says he was “amazed that he was alive, let alone, awake and talking.”

According to the good doctor, “The skewer somehow managed to nearly brush — but completely miss — two vital blood vessels when it bored through Xavier’s head. The trajectory the rod went ‘is essentially one in a million,’ Ebersol said. ‘I just can’t believe that.’ The unlikely path the skewer traveled allowed Ebersol the time to assemble a team of about 100 people and come up with a plan to remove it. But Xavier wasn’t out of the woods just yet. The square skewer had a knob on the end of it, which could have still damaged those two vessels on the way out, Ebersol said. Additionally, the skewer had penetrated Xavier’s jaw muscle, prohibiting him from opening his mouth for a breathing tube during surgery. The massive medical team devised a plan though, and were able to remove the skewer without any further damage.”

After nearly losing his life, Xavier’s dad says his 10-year-old is back to “his same ol’ self. Looking forward to church, football and school.” Wow.

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