If social media has taught us one thing it’s Celebrities don’t like getting filmed or they’re pic taken in public without their permission and some fans have found that out the hard way. But in many cases the celeb usually gets in sued and the fans usually win the case, this case follows the same suit according to “The Blast” the incident happened back in August, when Niya Rucker claims she was attacked by Casanova and an accomplice after they thought she was recording video of them while eating at the Good Stuff Diner in NYC. When actually she was trying to put a pic of her meal up on IG but Casanova’s legal team believes that she’s lying about the story for the media for financial gain. “The Blast” reported that on Wednesday, the rapper was indicted on charges of robbery and coercion. His alleged accomplice, Bobby Williams, was charged with strangulation.According to the indictment by the NY District Attorney, Casanova allegedly “forcibly stole property” and then instilled fear in the victim.


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