Portrait of a young woman wearing a facial mask eating a slice of kiwi

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Is it as disgusting as it sounds? If you ask me yes it is, so in an instgram Kate Beckinsale revealed that she likes to get a Penis Facial after long flight. Now the the term penis has everyone thinking that it must be something to do with oral sex, but not so fast. A Penis facial is actually derived from “korean baby foreskins” and cost a whopping $650, EGF facial: a supposedly powerful anti-aging treatment that involves

Designed by aesthetician-to-the-stars Georgia Louise, the $650 experience involves a peel and microneedling, followed by a proprietary penis-infused serum.

Beckinsale described her first time trying EGF as “amazing,” with a cheeky note about getting pampered after a plane trip: “After a long flight I do like to lie down and be covered in a mask of liquefied cloned foreskins — frankly who doesn’t?” the instagram post is now deleted

Georgia Louise shared the 45-year-old actress’ glowy post-facial selfie, inviting a handful of negative comments.

So let me ask you would you be down to try a penis facial?

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