The family of a 16-year-old that was gun down by plainclothes Columbus SWAT team member.

A candlelight vigil took place Saturday for a teenage boy, Julius Tate Jr, where he was gunned down between Mount Vernon Avenue and North Champion Avenue.

His mother told the media that, “We’re standing on my son’s blood.”

Since her son’s death, she has not heard anything from the police about why they shot and killed her son. It has been over 24 hours and counting.

“The police shot my son, and no one contacted me. And I’m out here like, where is my son?”

Sgt. Dave Harrington said Tate Jr. was a suspect in two arm robberies. Police add that the teenager pointed a gun when SWAT arrived and was gunned down by an officer.

“They can say all this on the news, well, the police said this, and it’s a statement,” said Malone shaking her head. “Where’s my son…you all killed my son.”

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Source: 10TV