I’m just waiting on the rap battle at this point.


Source: z1079 summer jam line up 2017 / z1079 summer jam line up 2017

It has been a clash of the Titans this week when it comes to the Migos and Bone Thugz N Harmony. The rap groups sparked an internet debate on who is the best rap group of all-time.

Offset must have had a moment from begging Cardi B to come back to him and declared that the Migos were the best rap group of all-time. Lazy Bone was not amused and responded to his opinion saying “these little n****s got the game f***ed up!”

As many in this new generation do is try to prove their point with money. However, Lazyie counteracted his statement saying that rap is a “skillz” game, not a money game.


I have a feeling that many people born after 1990 will agree that the Migos are the best rap group ever. The older crowd of 70s and 80s babies ain’t trying to hear that. With that said, I would still love to see these two groups do a rap battle or go head-to-head, just a thought.

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