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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Miami is drama as usual, and there’s a lot going on. Spectacular from Pretty Ricky is living his best life. He has been splitting his time between LA and Miami. At this moment, we find him in LA, kicking it with Ray J and Fizz talking about his family drama. That family drama includes group woes (because Blue is his brother and Slick is his cousin) and his issues with his dad. He wants to get Pretty Ricky back together so they can tour and get some money, but they can’t stop fighting. His dad used to manage the group and they’re on the outs as well. Fizz and Ray encourage him to go back to Miami and get right with everyone.  

Let’s fast forward a bit. We finally meet Khaotic—of course, he spells Khaotic with a K—anyway, he’s a new entry to the show and he’s friends with Miami Tip. Apparently, he has a thing for Joy and Miami Tip plans to introduce them at his next showcase. Later on, it happens and Joy is not impressed with him. Dassit. She literally looked at him like (he was acting silly though): 

In other news, Trina has a new man. Remember last season when Trina went on a date with a man named Ray? It went well. Really well. They’re moving in together and for the umpteenth time Trina vents about the TNT project. There’s only one thing to do, have a chat with Trick Daddy. Hold that though.

Amara La Negra catches up with Jojo, who of course fills her in on everything that has been going on. This means that Amara learns that people were talking smack about her at Jessie Woo’s brunch. You remember how people have been accusing her of being all up in folks boyfriend’s’ DM’s.  Amara La Negra neither confirms nor denies her actions but she says she doesn’t want anyone’s man and that she did she could have them. Jojo feels like the solution is to have a sit down with Jessie.

Because those always go well.  

Spectacular gets his chance to try to get Pretty Ricky back on the same page. Basically, Pleasure P and Blue get heated over some beef situation that happened in Cincinnati. Someone threatens to f–k someone up and it almost goes downhill. Security steps in and everything because Pleasure P stands up like he’s ready. However, they manage to calm down enough to come back and try this conversation again and finally get right. It looks like Pretty Ricky is back on…for now.

Trina finally gets her moment to talk to Trick Daddy about the TNT project. He basically tells her that that situation from last week was her fault because she changed the setlist. Then he refuses to own up to his part in why the album hasn’t come out. Trina tells him that she has been doing her part and that the label gave up on him because he’s not doing what he needs to do. Basically, Trick is exhausting, refuses to take accountability and this convo goes nowhere. Trina finally has enough and says the TNT album is a dub.

The episode closes out with that Jessie, Amara La Negra and Jojo sit down. You can pretty much guess how it goes. Jessie comes in hostile as she accuses Amara of flirting with her boyfriend and of stealing her ideas. Amara says that she has the wrong impression and that she’s just going off of what her man told her, but Jessie said she’s not just going off what her man told her and that she got the same info from other people. Amara actually keeps it classy and apologizes, but repeats that Jessie may not have the full story. Jojo gets irritated by Jessie’s demeanor and throws a drink on her. Security grabs Jojo. Amara calmly steps aside, but Jessie gets the bright and uncalled for idea to throw a Grey Goose bottle at her. Right on preacher’s kid. Jessie’s aim is trash so she misses, and Amara makes a good point: Not once did she disrespect her so that was really uncalled for. Jessie says Amara is faking the “America’s Sweetheart” routine. Amara doesn’t really try too hard to come off as extra sweet though, but whatevs. However, throwing a bottle at someone who wasn’t even aggressive with you isn’t cool.

We know this is far from over so we’ll be back at it next week.


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