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A woman claims the rapper kidnapped in a police report.

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Soulja Boy has been acting really crazy these days but these new allegations that surfaced are for real shocking.

Saturday a woman named Kayla filed a police report accusing Soulja of kidnapping her, and tieing her up to a chair for six hours. Reports say the two have been dating but the rapper broke things off. Sources say when Kayla went over to Soulja’s house and an altercation was reported between her, Soulja and his manager that was physical.

Soulja admits that he was dating Kayla but when he broke things off with her she went ballistic. His story mirrors her in the sense that she did come over his house on Friday but she drove her car down his driveway and ran over a curb. Soulja’s manager was the one to come outside to see what happen. That’s when Soulja’s manager noticed Kayla was intoxicated and was asked to leave.

The manager was the one who gave Kayla her injuries due to “self-defense.” Soulja insists he was never outside when the altercation happens. His camp is standing behind their story that Kayla’s story is “100% fabricated.”

Another case of he said she said. Whose story do you believe, Soulja or Kayla? Let us know below.

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