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On Tuesday, February 19th, 2019, Senator Bernie Sanders, announced that he will be running for President in 2020!

If you recall, Sanders attempted to run in the 2016 Presidential election and sadly lost his race to Democratic nominee, Hilary Clinton. Bernie is coming for the 2020 election more motivated than ever and is looking forward to finishing what he started.

“It is absolutely imperative that Donald Trump be defeated, because I think it is unacceptable and un-American, to be frank with you, that we have a president who is a pathological liar,” Sanders said during an interview in his Vermont home. “We have a president who is a racist, who is a sexist, who is a xenophobe, who is doing what no president in our lifetimes has come close to do doing, and that is trying to divide us up,” he added. 

Sanders will face a growing list of Democratic candidates running in the 2020 election. It’s said he is joining the most diverse Democratic primary field in history. The Senator said he will again campaign on progressive policies like raising the minimum wage, universal healthcare and tuition-free public higher education.

Since Sanders announced his plans for another Presidential run Tuesday, he has raised close to $6 million in the elapsed 24 hours.  This is a record-smashing debut for any candidate and has definitely set the tone amongst his Democratic rivals.

When asked how his campaign will be different this time around, Senator Sanders said, “We’re gonna win.”

Source: CNN, Twitter, CBSNews, TSR 

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