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Giuseppe Zanotti to launch the 'Giuseppe Tribute To Michael Jackson'

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The airing of Leaving Neverland has left a nation stunned. With accusers coming forward about their story about Michael Jackson molesting them. This has the fans of MJ outraged, many confused and other stepping in for Michaels defense.

Celebrities like D.L Hugely has always believed that Michael Jackson was guilty of these claims years ago. Oprah Winfrey sat with the alleged victims to give them a platform to speak their peace.

As of fan of MJ I am definitely standing on his side, and its not because of his talent that i choose to overlook these claims, but yet the fact that it took so long for these alleged victims to come out, and when they stated these claims long ago, the court threw it out.


The ‘Leaving Neverland’ Documentary Left Michael Jackson Fans Polarized
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