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This article I came across is very interesting, especially seeing that a lot may deal with some sort of Depression. It will be refreshing to hopefully have another way to help treat a persons depression.

Esketamine is the name of this nasal depression depression treatment, the is said t lift the patents mode within 24 hours of use.

The drug is intended for patients who have not responded to two other, conventional antidepressants which can take weeks to have an effect.

The spray is approved by the FDA advisory panel this past February, and can cost up to $885.

In a statement, Janssen the manufacturer  said it offers “a potential therapy for adults living with treatment-resistant depression,” including help with tackling suicidal thoughts.

Esketamine instead targets glutamate, a chemical linked with learning and memory, and generally considered the most essential for normal brain function.

The spray is absorbed through the nose into the blood stream and must be taken along with another, oral, anti-depressant.

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