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According to this site it is said that research has found out that Bullies don’t come from the stuck up rich homes, but in fact from homes that have are harsher up bringing, (shaming, yelling, threats, or swearing at), and therefore, these children are more likely to become a bully.

So heres the rundown on the story there was a 10 yr old who was being bullies in school, via social media, with negative words, she would even have notes in her desk that would tell her to kill herself.

The bully was also 10 yrs old.

This parent who volunteered at the school noticed this, and once the bullying was revealed the one being bullied went to therapy, as for the bully they were expelled from the school.

The parent took a interest as in to find out why this child was a bully in the first place and how she could help.

What she found out was that

1. The Role Model- is a parent or guardian that is a bully

2. Parents Who Are Not Involved

3. Peer Pressure

4. Need For Power

How you can help, speak up and out if your child is being bullied. Address the bully and the parents or guardians of the said bully, see how you can help. Have an open discussion with the teacher, administrator, and all parents involved. Teach your kids to stand up for themselves.