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Its city vs state!


Source: En Contexto / En Contexto

The City of Columbus sued the state of Ohio over the city having the ability to enact on gun laws.

House Bill 228, passed by the legislature recently with enough votes to override Governor Kasich’s veto, which blocks the city’s ability to pass such laws as banning bump stocks and keeping guns out of domestic violence convicts.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther help pass gun laws in 2018 which were later blocked by then Gov. Kasich.

“In 2018, 74 of the 102 homicides were committed by firearms,” Ginther said. “This year 17 of 20 were committed (with firearms). That’s 85 percent.”

Ginther says the state is, “gutting gun safety laws in Columbus.”

Gerard Valentino with the Buckeye Firearms Foundation said that gun restriction laws are “just for show.”

“They’re trying to put laws in place they’re never going to enforce. They’re doing it as a feel-good thing with no apparent benefit to the city,” he said.

Do you believe that the city should be able to pass gun reform laws or the state should have the final say?

Source: 10TV