The interim police chief says the unit has been “damaged.”


Source: JEWEL SAMAD / Getty

The police are here to protect and serve the public. However, Columbus Police are dealing with the blowback of one of their own abusing their powers.

We reported that Columbus Division of Police vice officer Andrew Mitchell is facing life for allegedly forcing two women to engage in sexual acts in exchange for their freedom.

Columbus Police Chief Tom Quinlan told 10TV that he has decided to abolish the vice unit. Quinlan explains that Mithcell is not the only officer who has been caught abusing his power.

“It’s certainly been damaged. The public has a right to be disgusted with what they’ve heard. As is any officer who wears the badge that this alleged behavior is unacceptable,” Quinlan said when asked if the public’s trust had been severed.

An investigation is current and ongoing within the force.

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