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A 13-year-old boy is under investigation by Columbus Police after he hacked a teacher’s work account and created a website with a hit list of fellow student’s names, school ID numbers, and dates of birth, according to 10TV.

The police report said the student, who attends Columbus Preparatory School for Boys, told other kids that he “he wanted to shoot up the houses” of the kids on his list.

Columbus City Schools spokesperson Scott Varner said the student copied the information of approximately five dozen other students, then pasted and copied the information to a generic website. According to the district, the student is being held accountable.

“We take all threats seriously — whether we perceive them to be real or not – and contacted Columbus Police, Varner said in a statement. “The school’s principal and I then personally called the homes of all the students whose names were on the website list .”

Some parents are upset that the school did not respond to the matter earlier. Reports found that Principal Dion Drakeford told police he received information from a student’s mother that another student told her son he had a hit list that contained members of staff and students on Dec 12.

Source: 10TV.com