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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Lebron James, shows the world that anything, in fact, is possible. The now Los Angeles Laker, has a reason to smile, after his students have put their best foot forward academically.

The students at “I Promise” School have made major improvements with grades and test scores, as well as, behavioral growth.

In 2018, James officially opened the school with plans to cater to educating at risk youth in a community he is all too familiar with. The school works with students in the 3rd and 4th grade currently and plans to open the grade levels from 1st to 8th by the year 2022.

With just a year under their belt thus far, the 240 students enrolled in ‘I Promise’ have already set the tone for higher achievement. Math and reading scores have jumped from the lowest percentile for both grades in reading to 9th and 16th for third grade and fourth-grade students, according to Complex Media.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Friday, Erica L. Green of the New York Times reported that the third and fourth-graders at I Promise School “were, by many accounts, considered unredeemable” upon their arrival — “identified as the worst performers in the Akron public schools and branded with behavioral problems.” Now, with the inaugural 240 students finished with Measures of Academic Progress testing, the school is “helping close the achievement gap in Akron.” “The 90 percent of I Promise students who met their goals exceeded the 70 percent of students district wide, and scored in the 99th growth percentile of the evaluation association’s school norms, which the district said showed that students’ test scores increased at a higher rate than 99 out of 100 schools nationally,” Green reported.

Lebron James should be proud. He knew his vision was to be impactful and these results speak loudly for themselves.

“When we first started, people knew I was opening a school for kids,” James said. “Now people are going to really understand the lack of education they had before they came to our school. People are going to finally understand what goes on behind our doors.”

In addition to providing individual educational needs and support, the school also gives clothing, food and other resources to families in need, which, is partially funded by James’ foundation.

“We are reigniting dreams that were extinguished,” school principal Brand Davis said. “We want to change the face of urban education.”

Shout out to Lebron James and the entire ‘I Promise” staff for a job very well done. I expect nothing but more greatness to overflow from such an impressive education system.

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