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Tom Holland’s Latest IG Post Has A Lot Of People Talking

Beside his actual acting roles, Tom Holland is known for always exposing things that he’s really not supposed to. Everyone in the Avengers films knows to watch him during interviews for fear of some spoilers, but it turns out, movie details aren’t the only information Tom is out here revealing by accident.

Fans of the newest Spiderman are convinced that Tom Holland and his co-star Zendaya are dating in real life because, let’s be honest, their chemistry is undeniable. When it comes to these two actually addressing those rumors, though–mums the word. But Tom’s latest slip-up might have some subliminal messaging about what’s really going on between these two in their personal lives.

Tom, Zendaya, and their other co-star Jacob Batalon were at Disneyland today to promote their upcoming film, Spiderman: Far From Home. Holland posted an innocent photo of him with his mates in front of the famous Mickey ferris wheel, excited about being at the park with his pals.

The only problem here…well, when tagging his co-stars in the photo, Tom’s placement of Zendaya’s name is right on his nether region–And it took no time at all for fans to notice.

Immediately, comments started to roll in making jokes about Tom trying to let everyone know some secrets about his relationship with the actress. Zendaya was quick to come with her own comment for some rumor control, alleging that Tom placed her name there simply because he doesn’t know how to use Instagram.

The Spiderman star ended up moving the tag to Zendaya’s face and changing his caption to acknowledge the “blunder,” but that didn’t stop the jokes from flying about the real reason behind his slick tag placement.

Check out all of the absolutely hilarious things people had to say about Tom’s slip-up, along with other memes about their relationship that have been going on for forever. It’s safe to say these two aren’t getting away from this rumor anytime soon.

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