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Christian Tinsley has had enough!!

Tinsley is a typical concerned parent and she chose to confront students in a classroom for bullying her daughter.

“If you all bully my daughter, if you look at her the wrong way, if you breathe the wrong way, send your mom to me…Sisters, aunts, anybody over 18, I’ll f— them all up. Do you understand me?” She said in the video recorded by a student.

What the video does not show was that the teacher reportedly contacted the front desk for help, and Tinsley was then escorted out by the assistant principal. According to the Capistrano Unified School District, Tinsley has now been banned from campus.

“I think that sometimes when you’ve done everything you can do the way you’re supposed to do it, and it hasn’t been resolved, then sometimes as a parent…you have to decide if you’re going to go a step further and deal with any consequences,” Tinsley said.

She acknowledges that perhaps she didn’t handle the situation in the most appropriate manner, but she had to go into momma mode given that the bullying didn’t stop after the school suspended the boy who was bullying her—it only got worse.  According to Tinsley, the last straw for her was when she dropped her daughter off at school and she started crying, begging to stay in the car. 

“She made a comment to me that if she wasn’t as strong as she was, she would have killed herself,” Christian says, “That’s when Mama Bear mode went into effect.”

With the climate of suicide and the nature of bullying these days, we have to protect our children by all means. Go Mama Bear!

Source: The Shade Room, Twitter