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I must admit, I do agree with the World Health Organization, when it comes to making video gaming addiction a mental health disorder. Lets be real, video gaming does the away from the real aspects of a persons life, especially when it comes to being SOCIABLE with people, active physically, or drawn away emotionally.

According to COMPLEX.com WHO(World Health Organization) has deemed video gaming addiction a mental health disorder. Video game addiction consists of “a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior [that] takes precedence over other life interests, states WHO. This organization has found that the worst cases involved gamers playing up to 20 hours a day, neglecting food, sleep, and other daily activities.

The American Psychiatric Association listed the addiction as a topic of discussion on the other hand, the American Medical Association added “Video Game Addiction” to their list of disorders in 2007.

Would you consider Video Game Addiction a mental disorder?

How long is too long when it comes to playing a video game?

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